Use the contact form to reach out to Base & Boon. Should you have a question, check the Frequently Asked section below.

Questions About Base & Boon Nail Salon
Where are the Base & Boon salons based?

Base & Boon have expanded into three different salons. You can find a Base & Boon salon in Riyadh in Alaqiq Plaza and the Diplomatic Quarter as well as in Alula, Aljadidah.

How do I make an appointment in a Base & Boon salon?

Simply head to the {Book a Care} page. Here, select the desired location, treatment, and date and time. You will then be sent an email confirming your appointment.

What payment methods are accepted in a Base & Boon salon?

Acceptable payment methods are debit or credit card or cash.

Where can I find a treatment and price list?

Base & Boon’s treatment and price list can be found on the {Book a Care} page.

Questions About Base & Boon Studio
Where is the Base & Boon Studio?

Base & Boon Studio is located in the Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh.

How do I know if the Base & Boon Studio is a good fit for my freelance beauty brand?

Base & Boon understand the priorities of a freelance beautician. To assess suitability, head to {The Studio} page where a downloadable pack is available. From images of the spaces to an explanation of the process, the information pack will provide further insight to help form your decision.

What is included when I hire a space in Base & Boon Studio?

When hiring a space at Base & Boon Studio, freelancers receive a vast array of benefits. A fixed space that offers hospitality, cleaning, and payment services as well as electricity, water, and music, alongside much more. Head to our {Studio} page to learn more.

How long does it take before an application for Base & Boon Studio is approved?

After an application is submitted, the Base & Boon team will work to approve it within {} working days.

Questions About Base & Boon’s Tool Sharpening Service
What tools can be sharpened with the Base & Boon’s tool sharpening service?

Head to the {Tool Sharpening} page to browse the tools Base & Boon offers for sharpening.

What if the tool I need sharpening is not listed on the Tools Menu?

If you have a tool you need to sharpen but it is not listed on our {Tool Sharpening} menu, please use the form above to get in touch. The team will assess suitability and send you a bespoke quotation.

What happens to my tools during the Tool Sharpening service?

After being collected and dropped off at Base & Boon, your tools will be sanitized and sharpened before being returned to you.

How long does it take to receive my newly sharpened tools?

After checkout, we aim to have your tools collected, sharpened and sanitized and returned back to you as soon as possible.