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Treat your toes to some love in 25 minutes or less.
Fresh on the nail scene, BIAB gel extensions are a must-try for anyone with damaged and brittle nails. Whether that’s through over-grooming or poor nail care, BIAB nail extensions are extremely gentle on your natural nails. Removal can be achieved through soaking, with no need for electric files, making them a damage-free solution for gel extensions.
The ideal for “me time.” Your hands and feet are soaked in relaxing bath salts and essential oils before an exfoliating scrub is applied, resulting in feeling soft and dead - skin-free. Nails are shaped, cleaned, and cuticles are cared for before applying your desired color(s). Finish your session of self-care with an indulgent cuticle oil and lotion.
The world’s first full coverage, soft gel extension system. With a full set applied in 2 hours, the Apres Gel-X is an in-demand alternative to acrylics or hard gels. The Apres Gel-X soak-off removal makes this method of nail care perfect for those with brittle and damaged nails.
The perfect addition to your self-care system. We begin by soaking tired feet and hands in carefully selected bath salts and essential oils. Once the skin has softened, we apply an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and leave you feeling fresh and baby-soft. Nails are shaped, cleaned, and your cuticles receive some TLC before applying your desired color(s). We finish with luxurious cuticle oil, creamy lotion and a revitalizing mask.
The Base Manicure includes nail shaping, a deep clean, and cuticle work. Choose your colors - whether that’s a single color or mix-and-match - and finish with quenching your cuticle’s thirst with top-of-the-range cuticle oil and hand-moisturizer.
Give your feet some TLC with the Base Pedicure. We begin by soaking tired feet in warm water infused by salts and essential oils before applying a thick layer of foot scrub to remove dead skin and provide ultimate softness. Then, nail shaping, cleaning and cuticle work takes place before painting your selection(s) of color. We finish with nourishing cuticle oil and lotion.
The Boon Manicure includes nail cleaning and scrubbing before shaping, followed by cuticle work. Then, choose your color(s) that best express who you are. Finishing up, we use cuticle oil, hand moisturizer and a mask for utter revitalization.
Worn-out feet are first soaked in a concoction of warm water, carefully selected salts and essential oils before a foot scrub is applied to remove dead skin and restore ultimate freshness. Toenails are then shaped and cleaned. After providing your cuticles with some care, select the color(s) for your pedicure, finishing with nourishing cuticle oil, lotion, and a revitalizing mask.
Fresh nails in 30 minutes or less without compromise. Includes nail shaping and buffing for that polished look before applying your choice of a single color. Finally, oil nourishes your cuticles and a light, velvety moisturizer is massaged into your hands. No one will ever suspect these results occurred in only 30 minutes! Perfect for those in a rush.
Ideal for quality “me time.” The gel extension service takes 3 hours and 15 minutes for a full set, with utter dedication to achieving your inspiration look. We begin with cleaning and cuticle work before extending the natural nail plate on a fitted form with gel. Your nails are filed to your ideal shape and length before applying your desired color(s). We finish the session with nourishing cuticle oil and a velvety, non-greasy hand moisturiser to give you that pampered feeling that lasts the whole day.
Acrylic nail extensions begin with a deep-clean of your nails and cuticle work to ensure maximum longevity. Your natural nail plates are extended on a fitted form with acrylic before being filed to your desired shape and length. After this, your choice of color(s) and design - if applicable - are applied before finishing with a lavish hand cream and cuticle oil.